Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Rogues and Revolution

Well for some reason I haven't made a project blog post in over 3 weeks. I guess I have been really busy, quite a few nights of only 4-5 hours sleep. But nevermind!

I am feeling 1000 times better this week after sorting some stuff out, and project work has been steaming ahead since the weekend (not to say that I hadn't been doing any before of course!).

Lucian(R) is going really well, its exploded from a basic parser, into a much fuller parser and translater since my last post, and it also now outputs Ruby code that is syntactically correct. Okay so the code output doesn't appear to do much yet, but I'm confident that its a simple issue. Its a great feeling when pass Lucian a file with a couple of lines of Lucian data flow code and it outputs about 150 lines of Ruby code.
So we are getting there, hazzarrrr!!!

Code fragment of the night: ++ "\n" ++
I seem to keep writing that, making the output code prettier.
Anyhoo, should probably rest for a bit now. Has been a really fun and rewarding coding session though!

(p.s. The new Incubus album is really great, check it out!)

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Work on syntax & semantics for Lucian

Over the past couple of days I have been playing with syntax ideas in my head, and have finally started toying with these on paper.

I have produced an informal document outlining a possible syntactical system for Lucian. I'm sure that it will go through many iterations, revisions and transformations in the next couple of weeks.

The document can be found here in PDF format.