Saturday, October 07, 2006

Information on progress over the summer

This is a quick log of what happened in my research over the summer:-

August 21-28 - Reading ISWIM - The Next 700 languages paper + Reading Lucid book
August 28-30 - Playing with HAPPY, Calc example
Sep 2 - Writing Basic ISWIM Parser in Happy
Sep 3 - Reading Concurrent Haskell paper (getting better at Monadic structures in Haskell, and learning concurrency in Haskell) - (working on printab, bubblesort, and threaded-pow2) Only printab works!
Sep 5 - Bubblesort fixed and working
Sep 6 - Threaded pow2 working - Reading Luswim chapter in lucid book + begining work on basic luswim/lucid parser generator, writing LucidNodes module
Sep 9 - Research into ruby threading
Sep 10 - More ruby threading research, writing data flow mixin library
Sep 18 - Working on Ruby threading again
Sep 19 - Got basic 1.fby 2 example working, struggling to get self referential forms working .e.g. i = 1.fby 2.times i working, starting to get the feeling exact lucid will not be possible in this fashion in Ruby directly without writing C extensions
Sep 20 - Self refential and cross variable referencing works! Plus support for finite operations with termination, and list, and strings (whoohoo!)
Sep 21-29 - Finishing off the Ruby Dataflow Extension that uses Eager Streams
Oct 5 - Developing example of Concurrent Lazy Streams on paper

That brings us up to now, this weekend I have poked at a few dataflow papers that I will read later. Have also been mulling over concurrent lazy streams in my head.... Might start trying some code tonight.


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